Friday, November 13, 2009

Street Crossing

Ralston Moveout

This past weekend my grandparents moved from their home of about 40 years into a smaller apartment. They raised all of their five children at Ralston, watched most of their old neighbors leave over time (to "new" and "better" parts of town),watched the horse farm behind their house go up in weeds, the old trees grow taller, and piled boxes and boxes of books, articles, pictures, gifts, souvenirs and every kind of household item in their empty rooms.

A view of 9413 Ralston (upper right), the old house, from across a field behind the house.

My Grandmother stands by one of her flaming plants in the front yard.

One of my grandmother's roses along the side of 9413 Ralston.

My cousin Tommy imitates a golf celebration with his team mates - his high school wrestling team came out to load my grandparents things into a moving van.

Grandpa asleep in his new room amongst his books.

Grandma looks, tired, uncertain, out the window of her new apartment.

Monday, November 2, 2009