Sunday, December 26, 2010

Basement Improv

I offered to do a portfolio shoot for a friend of mine - with a limited schedule, my sparse gear kit and the freezing cold weather outside, I cleared out boxes and cobwebs in a corner of my mom's basement and set up a work lamp and fan.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tillman Nature Preserve, Clarence New York

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prints for Sale

Offer ends January 2011

To all who may be interested: In an attempt to earn extra cash for some new camera equipment and my return trip to Ecuador, I'm selling some prints of my favorite work (Unique holiday gifts?). If you are interested, please contact me at for orders and pricing. Individual photos as well as entire sets are for sale.

Sets Include: Joyous America Series/ Discovering Ecuador Selects/ Northern Spain in Passing/ Monasteries of Armenia Collection/ Small Things

Joyous America Series

Sunset along the Missouri River (Joyous America Series 1)

Watkins Glen (Joyous America Series 2)

Rodeo (Joyous America Series 3)

End of the Night Shift (Joyous America Series 4)

Blues Festival (Joyous America Series 5)

Discovering Ecuador Selects

Flight - Cuenca (Discovering Ecuador Selects 1)

Camino del Inca - Pichincha (Discovering Ecuador Selects 2)

(Discovering Ecuador Selects 3)

Northern Spain in Passing

Carretera 1 - Pais Basco (Northern Spain in Passing 1)

Carretera 2 - Pais Basco (Northern Spain in Passing 2)

Zorionak - Bilbao (Northern Spain in Passing 3)

Gemelas - Navarra (Northern Spain in Passing 4)

Monasteries of Armenia Collection

The Altar (Monasteries of Armenia Collection 1)

Restoration (Monasteries of Armenia Collection 2)

(Monasteries of Armenia Collection 3)

Prayers 2 (Monasteries of Armenia Collection 7)

Prayers (Monasteries of Armenia Collection 4)

Priest in a Museum (Monasteries of Armenia Collection 5)

Stone Vines (Monasteries of Armenia Collection 6)

Small Things

Chestnut (Small Things 1)

Old Brick Wall (Small Things 2)

Inyaki's Shoes (Small Things 3)

Edibles (Small Things 4)

Order Prints? e-mail me at:

(Order by December 11th for prints to arrive before Christmas. United States shipping only.)